2024 Executive Team

Hamish Henderson

Position: Chair

As Chair for 2024, Hamish aims to build upon the strong work done by QLDMSC to connect, upskill and advocate for Queensland Medical Students. In addition to being the backbone of the team, Hamish is eager to represent Queensland medical students and ensure they have continued input in policies surrounding their medical education and their entry into the health workforce. 

Hamish is interested in a career in Emergency Medicine and hopes to work in a global setting, helping those who need acute care in the far reaches of the world. Outside of medicine, he likes to watch AFL and play with Lego.

Harry Luu

Position: Vice-Chair

As the Vice-Chair of QLDMSC, Harry manages the organisation’s internal portfolios to ensure that upskilling, student connection, and advocacy are at the forefront of all of QLDMSC’s initiatives. In 2024, Harry hopes to support his fellow Queensland medical students in the ever-changing landscape of our future profession.

Currently, Harry is interested in nephrology, neonatology, and anaesthetics; however, when his life isn’t being consumed by medicine, he enjoys reading and playing music (flute + guitar), or just doing absolutely nothing!

Sasha Patil

Position: Secretary

Working behind the scenes, Sasha optimises internal communication and ensures that everything runs smoothly, aiming to enhance administrative processes and communication channels throughout the year. In addition to liaising with representatives from all of the Queensland medical school societies, she will also organise the elections for the 2025 Executive Team. 

While Sasha is still undecided about her career goals, she is interested in doing something hands-on that does not require 5-hour ward rounds. Away from university, Sasha enjoys anything and everything to do with food, as well as reading and daydreaming about potential travel plans.

Connor Ryan

Position: Graduate Year Representative

Representing the graduating cohorts of 2024, Connor supports medical students going through the internship application process. His aims include establishing stronger support networks between his final year peers and advocating for the mental health of young doctors. Throughout this year, Connor hopes to assist QLD medical students in everything related to internship applications and remunerated medical student positions. 

Connor is interested in pursuing a career in Paediatrics. Outside of medicine, he enjoys music and cooking.

Vendy Pathirana

Position: Finance and Sponsorship Officer

As the team’s Finance and Sponsorship Officer, Vendy is responsible for maintaining the financial sustainability of QLDMSC. She also fosters partnerships with existing and prospective sponsors, providing valuable opportunities to those who represent the future of Australia’s health workforce.

Though Vendy is unsure of the specialty she wants to pursue, she endeavours to utilise her passions for nutrition and exercise to help patients become the healthiest version of themselves. She is keen to finally use her high school economics knowledge in managing the finances of such an upstanding organisation. Outside of medicine, Vendy enjoys going to the gym, reading mystery-thriller books, and listening to interesting podcasts.

Brigitte McCosker

Position: Events Officer

Brigitte is one of the Events Officers for 2024 and is passionate about developing an entertaining calendar full of events that tailor to all medical students. Working with Lisa, the pair strive to provide opportunities for students across Queensland to come together, network, and develop their skills.

Brigitte is interested in pursuing a career in women’s health. In her free time, she loves going to the beach or exploring new cafés. Outside of university, she enjoys bouldering and hopes to try outdoor bouldering this year.

Lisa Farrell

Position: Events Officer

As one of the Events Officers this year, Lisa can’t wait to provide opportunities for medical students across Queensland to network and upskill. Together, Brigitte and Lisa are excited to design and coordinate an exciting array of events tailored for every medical student.  

With her background as a paramedic, Lisa is particularly interested in a career in Emergency Medicine, or possibly Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Outside of medicine, she enjoys getting together with friends, going out for brunch and playing Touch Footy. 

Lauren Yim

Position: Engagement Officer

As the Engagement Officer for 2024, Lauren uses social media to expand QLDMSC’s presence and to amplify the voices of medical students all across Queensland. Along with using QLDMSC as a platform for advocacy work and raising awareness, Lauren hopes to share the many development opportunities offered year-round to the community.

While Lauren has an interest in a career in cardiology or anaesthetics, she is still open to different pathways. In her free time, Lauren is often at rehearsals for performances with her dance group. Outside of medicine, she also enjoys baking and going to karaoke with her friends.

Reece Colin Martis

Position: Far North Queensland Representative

As Far North Queensland Rep (FNQ), Reece aims to leverage his past experiences with the Queensland Medical Students’ Council (QLDMSC) to advocate for the needs of Queensland’s rural and remote medical students. 

As a fervent believer in bridging the gap between Queensland’s rural and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations, Reece aspires to become a rural generalist. In his free time, Reece enjoys travelling and can talk for hours about the places he hopes to go after med!

Kealey Griffiths

Position: First Nations Representative

As the inaugural First Nations Representative, Kealey aims to
advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical
students and First Nations health more generally.
Kealey is a Yuggera woman, who grew up on Iningai Land,
but now lives in Meanjin (Brisbane). She is specifically
interested in promoting cultural safety and responsiveness,
as well as anti-racism frameworks, within QLDMSC and beyond,
to improve the experiences of current students and
recent medical graduates.

Kealey is interested in pursuing Psychiatry and is an active
member of the Psychiatry Interest Forum within the RANZCP.
She hopes to leverage her background in psychology
and public health, as well as interests in First Nations health,
equity, and pedagogy, to support the needs of the
medical community, First Nations communities and
the wider Australian community. In her spare time,
Kealey likes to read, buy books, and drink coffee
while talking about books.