Emergency Medical Challenge

QLDMSC’s Emergency Medical Challenge

Queensland Medical Students! Does DRSABCD give you an adrenaline rush? Do you constantly find yourself with the song “Staying Alive” stuck in your head? Are you obsessed with emergency medicine? We may just have the event for you!
QLDMSC and AMAQ would like to invite you to the Queensland Emergency Medical Challenge.

Each university will be eligible to put forward 4 teams, comprised of six (6) students; two (2) preclinical and four (4) clinical. These teams will then compete in a range of emergency medical scenarios, with the best two teams going head to head in the final for the title of Queensland’s best Emergency Medical Team.

Not only is this great OSCE practise, regardless of what year you’re in, but you learn some amazing medicine that you can apply for the rest of your career. In addition to this, this is a great way to gain some important practice before the big leagues at the AMSA National Convention!

If you have been to Convention before, then you know just how crucial it is that Queensland’s best teams unite to fight for the title of EMC champions. If you have never been to Convention, then you can have a fabulous taster of Convention’s most exciting and fun academic event – get involved and support your team!

On the day, there will also be a range of entertainment available to the supporters, so be sure to bring your friends! Keep your eyes posted to your Med Soc’s AMSA page for all relevant info. To get involved, talk to your AMSA reps to be in the loop for getting teams together!

Who: YOU
What: QLDMSC’s Emergency Medical Challenge
When: 25 th June 2017
Where: Bond University, on the sunny Gold Coast
Why: You’ll get a taster of emergency medicine, meet a whole bunch of fantastic med students from all over Queensland, and we’ll come together as a state to help each other out with the Sydney Convention EMC!

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