Meet the Team

Shannon Lovegrove
Shannon is a new addition to the QLDMSC team in 2017 and is excited to help create greater opportunities for Queensland’s medical students, as well as representing their views and advocating on relevant issues. She is keen to connect with passionate medical students from across the State, and hopes that through aesthetically-pleasing imagery, succinct & informative documents, and a strong social media presence, she can enhance engagement with QLDMSC and ensure students can make the most of what we have to offer!
Natasha McNamara
Vice Chair
It is an honour to act to represent Queensland medical students and act to the fullest of my capabilities to protect their interests. There is no doubt that the journey of a medical student can be challenging at times, add to this the ever-pressing internship crisis, the bottleneck of junior doctors applying for specialty positions and new medical schools opening and it becomes almost overwhelming. I am passionate about promoting the voice of Queensland’s medical students and advocating on their behalf to make every Queensland student’s journey as smooth and rewarding as possible. Not only will I act diligently to protect the interest of Queensland medical students but I am passionate about connecting medical students across the 4 Queensland medical school, creating a united front to help shape the future of medical practice.
Maisha Jamali
FNQ Representative
We may be 1,338 km away from our nearest partnering Queensland Medical School, but the issues that pertain to our Brisbane and Gold Coast counterparts are issues that will and do affect medical students of the Far North. With a passionate interest in the future and rights of Medicine and its students, I’m excited to work as part of the QLDMSC team as a James Cook University student, to advocate for students of the Far North and to represent their interest, issues and concerns. I look forward to the year ahead and the exciting changes to come with it!
Hasan Maki
The issues pertaining to Queensland medical students are also my own personal issues and I feel an obligation to be active in ensuring that our future career path remains healthy and thriving. I am passionate about medical education and hope to continue advocating for students across all Queensland medical schools.