2020 Executive

Cai Fong


Cai is a 3rd year at UQ.

Interests: TikTok compilations, Kdramas and RuPaul’s drag race

If I was famous it would be for: Always running 5 mins late

Favourite dessert: Bubble tea

chair@qldmsc.org.au | +61 415 330 922

Michael Wu

Vice Chair

Michael is a 5th year at Bond University.

Interests: Basketball

If I was famous it would be for: Never sleeping early when you have something on the next morning

Favourite dessert: Cookies and cream ice cream


Kate Murray


Kate is a 2nd year at Griffith University.

Interests: Speed-reading Wikipedia articles

If I was famous it would be for: Falling asleep at inappropriate times

Favourite dessert: Aldi chocolate blocks


John Shenoda

Finance Officer

Angela Zou

Events Officer

Wisura Munasinghe

Promotions Officer

Zoe Byrne

Graduate Year Representative